Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ft Lauderdale Mouth Update

I found the original, entire video of the Ft Lauderdale Mouth here (there are quite a few worthwhile vids there). The man who recorded it apparently has a youtube channel called watchobsessiondotorg with clips of other events.

The hate-filled mouth is at about 3:20 in.

It apparently started as a counter protest to some Baptists who were demonstrating in support of Israel. The counter demonstration grew more agitated over several hours especially after an "imam's call to prayer".

This brave man, Tom Trento, was on the "palestinian" side of the demonstration so that we could see what these people really want. In their own words, they quite literally want Israel nuked.

Why do we allow these people in our country? Most of the chanters had accents which indicate they are not from the USA. Deport them!

And look at the fool black American muslim "imam". Islam enslaved more black Africans than the entire rest of the world and continues to do so today!

Don't miss the devil-worshipping freak at about 5:50 who stumbles into the concept of the sin-nature of mankind and the sin nature of the death cult of islam when he says "and we need to try harder as moslems to educate the people about what islam really is so that they can appreciate the beauty of it because once people understand the real beauty of islam they will have no choice but to accept it because they'll realize that it's part of their nature".

OK, nevermind the giant run-on sentence with no punctuation indicating his complete lack of intellect. Rather, focus on what he said.. it's part of their nature. Right. Only if you accept evil you devil-worshipping freakazoid! No thanks. I choose to follow the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

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