Friday, December 31, 2010

Homeland Security - for Afghanistan!

Director of Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano is in Afghanistan to discuss border security to help protect that nation from militants and drug smugglers.  I say, the Afghan border better never be more secure than our own borders here in the United States of America while our troops are there.  Otherwise, we have a situation where we will bbe securing the border of another country better than our own.  Just another incredible outrage from the administration.  Imagine, HOMELAND security actually working, for years, to secure the Afghan border while leaving our own wide border open.

KABUL, Afghanistan—Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano arrived in Kabul, Afghanistan today at approximately 7:42 a.m. AFT along with six additional DHS customs and border security officials who will join DHS personnel already deployed in the region to provide civilian assistance to local security officials.

While in Afghanistan, Secretary Napolitano will meet with senior U.S. and Afghan officials—including Afghan ministers as well as border security experts from DHS and other civilians from across the U.S. government—to discuss progress being made in securing the region. She will also spend New Year’s Eve with the military men and women serving their country on the front lines to combat terrorism and bring peace and stability to the region.

“For several years, the Department of Homeland Security has been contributing personnel to help bolster security in Afghanistan,” said Secretary Napolitano. “In the last twelve months, DHS has expanded its effort here in support of President Obama’s policy of civilian engagement. Today, I arrived in Kabul with six additional border security and customs officers who will join our ongoing efforts to advise and assist our Afghan counterparts on customs and border control. It is an honor to meet with our dedicated military and civilian men and women who are helping to bring peace and stability to Afghanistan, and I thank them for their continued efforts and sacrifices here to make the American homeland safer and more secure.”

Following her departure from Afghanistan, Secretary Napolitano will continue to Qatar on Jan. 2; Israel on Jan. 3-5; and Belgium on Jan. 5-6 to meet with her counterparts and discuss international efforts to ensure the security of our global aviation and supply chain systems against threats of terrorism and transnational crime, while facilitating the flow of legitimate travel and commerce. More details will be provided once they are finalized.


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