Thursday, December 30, 2010

Federal Govt Employs Illegal Aliens

One more reason they refuse to enforce our border and our immigration laws and do everything they can to ensure no state or local law enforcement entities can either.

On Monday morning, state troopers pulled over a van with a broken windshield on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and discovered 10 illegal aliens inside the vehicle. According to Pennsylvania State Police Sgt. Anthony Deluca, three of the illegal aliens escaped during the traffic stop but were captured a short time later.

The nine Salvadoran nationals and one Honduran were all turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The illegal aliens were on their way from Maryland to work on a taxpayer-funded housing project in Jeannette, PA.

The federal project is being built by Homes Build Hope, a subsidiary of AdelphoiUSA.

Chad Ruffner, executive director of Homes Build Hope, told The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that the workers were hired by a subcontractor, in this case, O.C. Cluss of Uniontown.

Ruffner said: “That's their crew. They check their papers every day. I've seen them checking in. They do that every day. I've seen them check them off.”

Ruffner then shifted the responsibility to the general contractor, Steve Catranel Construction of Wilkins, which is supposed to check workers’ driver's licenses and other documents to verify their identities.

But, Catranel claims that he does not know the identities of the illegal aliens who were detained, and therefore cannot verify whether or not they were working on the Jeannette project.

Catranel did say: “We thought we had addressed the issue so it wouldn't be an issue. I don't know what else we can do. We have names, photos and sign-in sheets."

The contractor continued: “The guys on the job are very good carpenters. They work.”

O.C. Cluss officials have not commented on this matter.

As we have seen so many times, those who hire illegal aliens simply pass the buck of responsibility to everyone, but themselves.

With 1 in 5 Americans out of work, we simply cannot afford to allow one job go to an illegal alien. The issue of illegal immigration is now a fight for the survival of the American family.

As I always say…For every illegal alien with a job, there is an American without one.

Last month, 14 illegal aliens were arrested in Panama City, Florida, all of whom had been working on a federally-funded construction project, where U.S. workers had actually been turned away. Read that story here.
It gets alot worse.  Not only are they hiring illegals for Federal projects, but they are turning Americans away for the jobs while unemployment reaches to levels not seen in decades.

Illegal aliens caught building public housing project in Florida...U.S. workers turned away

On Tuesday, Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen announced that his deputies arrested 14 illegal aliens who had been working at a taxpayer-funded construction site on the corner of 11tth Street and Sherman Avenue in Panama City.

Deputies stopped a truck being driven erratically just after it left the construction site, when they discovered the driver had a suspended license, he admitted to being in the country illegally. The driver also told the deputies that he lived with 16 other illegal aliens in two nearby homes.

When Bay County deputies arrived at the houses, five people crawled out of a window, but were caught a short time later. The rest surrendered without incident and were processed into the ICE 287g program. Fourteen illegal aliens were arrested, six of whom were charged with criminal use of personal information for using stolen Social Security numbers.

Those charged with identity fraud are: Felix Martinez Ramos of Mexico, Enrique Gomez Mejia of Guatemala, Modesto Najera Gonzalez of Mexico, Alejandro Gonzalez Cruz of Mexico, Juan Carlos Gonzalez Gonzalez of Mexico and Mario Mansillo Martinez of Mexico.

All fourteen illegal aliens were brought in from Atlanta by a contractor, specifically to work on the Panama Commons public housing project being built at the corner of 11th Street and Sherman Avenue.

Sheriff McKeithen told reporters: “I have received information that within the last 24 hours local construction workers have been to this particular construction site seeking work and were denied employment. It is a shame that a multi-million dollar site is being constructed in Bay County where they are not only hiring out of state contractors but are hiring illegal aliens. The local economy will only improve when locals start getting jobs. We are continuing this investigation to determine if any other charges are applicable.”

Harden Contracting, the firm building the housing project, has blamed a sub-contractor called "Spurs" out of Atlanta for employing the illegal aliens.

Fed up with excuses, Sheriff McKeithen said: “Someone needs to take responsibility here that’s in charge of these major jobs like this. I just think that there are some steps that need to be taken here to make sure that we hire locals.”

All of the illegal aliens have been turned over the ICE for deportation.

As I always say…For every illegal alien with a job, there is an American without one.

With U.S. unemployment now at depression levels, we simply can no longer tolerate an illegal alien population numbering in the tens of millions.
So, tell me.  If they were trying to destroy us, what exactly would they be doing differently?  For the record, "they" are Obama, Napolitano (who I think is just too stupid, greedy, and ambitious to be at the top to get what's going on), the Clintons... the whole lot of them.

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