Saturday, December 11, 2010

Chaos in Michoacan, Mexico

I found this video posted at the bottom of this posting at  Borderland Beat.  Watch it.  All of it.  It's a bit confusing unless you can understand what the 2 fellows doing the filming are saying.  But, from the explanation provided in the comments at Borderland Beat, it seems that the undamaged vehicles you see at the beginning of the video, the trucks and buses, are clustering together in an effort to achieve safety in numbers.  Later in the video you see vehicles which have been wrecked both accidentally and deliberately and then just abandoned.  Other vechicles are destroyed and burned to block the roads.

It seems that the Government of Mexico is going after these repugnant murderers very hard.  And, allegations are that the USA is helping them.  Good.

Michoacan is not a border state.  Rather, it is an illustration of what is happening inside Mexico.  The place is falling apart.  If this is not stopped, it will spread to all of Mexico and it will further impact our borders.  You American pot heads and coke heads and other idiotic users of various other substances need to understand that this is the fruit of your drug use unless you are growing / making your own.  Not that I approve of the use regardless of the source, but that's another issue entirely.

What makes no sense in the normal adult world is why Americans tolerate the drug use.  Have we no shame?

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