Saturday, September 05, 2009

UAW - commies in our midst

Nearly two years ago, Pops became quite ill and then passed away at 83 years of age. Pops was in the Army in WWII and the Marines in Korea. Pops settled into a job at an auto manufacturing plant where he worked faithfully for 32 years. He would have continued working but they closed the facility and he retired rather than move to Detroit.

Pops was a near lifelong member of the United Auto Workers (UAW). As a child, I watched a resourceful, independent surivor of the Great Depression, an Oklahoma Dust Bowl farm, WWII, and Korea transform from a proud capable man who wouldn't take charity unless he was literally starving into a man who embraced the entitlement mentality pushed by the UAW.

When Pops became ill in the fall of 2007, the family agreed that I should acquire Conservatorship over him and his estate, which I did. As a result of that, I am still recieving items in the mail for him including the UAWs newsletter/magazine, Solidarity. I ignored it for well over a year. When I finally read one of them, my worst suspsicions were confirmed beyond any doubt. The UAW leadership is communist. It's not like this surprised me as their actions over the years clearly demonstrated their ideology. But, to see it in print was sickening.

The causes a few questions:
1) Do you think the UAW membership knows they're commies? or at least commie supporters?
I don't think the majority knows or cares - much like the rest of the sleepy American citizenry. I know Pops, after fighting communists in Korea, would have bristled even at the question.
2) Do you think the UAW leadership knew all the connotations of the word Solidarity when it was chosen as the name for their magazine to communicate to the membership?
I believe they did.

Now we are left contemplating what to do about this. If you need a new vehicle and wish to buy American, your only choice is Ford unless you're willing to purchase a Government Motors (GM) vehicle.. At least Ford didn't take bail out money (this last time). But, every Ford employee is forced to become a member of the UAW so purchasing a Ford is, in essence, supporting the communist leadership of the UAW.

You could purchase a Honda or Toyota or a vehicle made by a number of other foreign owned manufacturers. While this would be supporting Americans who build those vehicles, it would also be sending a portion of the profits overseas.

I'm not sure of the new ownership of Saturn but that might be a possibility since the manufacturing facilities are in right-to-work states.

Perhaps the only to do in this case is calculate how much of a purchase would go to the UAW and contrast it with how much goes to the manufacturer, the suppliers, the dealership and other local businesses which exist as a result of the dealership employees.

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