Monday, September 07, 2009

American School Districts like Castro's Cuba

I have two friends who were born in Cuba. They are brother and sister. Their parents escaped from Cuba to Spain when their son was about 12 years old. Ultimately, they made their way to the United States and became citizens. The son joined the United States Marines, then went on to college (Go Gators!). The daughter also went to college. The parents rished everything to literally give their son and daughter liberty as found only in the United States of America. These two wonderful siblings then, in turn, literally supported and took care of their parents in their twilight years (since, by the time they arrived in the USA, there really wasn't time left to build up a retirement). I tell ths story to demonstrate just what fine individuals my two friends are and what incredible people their parents were. Their parents were Americans in the most fundamental way - yearning for freedom and willing to give up everything in order to ensure that for their children.

I worked with the brother for years. Occasionally, you could get him to talk about life in Cuba (remember, he was there until he was 12 so his memories aren't vague). One story in particular I am reminded of today - as a student, when the President was having one of his parades you were required to stand out there along the parade route and act as if you adored him. In fact, if you refused not only would you, the child, be punished, but your family would be too. Your father might loose his job or he might simply vanish leaving the family to wonder if they'd ever see him again and leaving the family to fend for themselves for food and housing and the other necessities of life.

There are school districts across the country today who are requiring that your children listen to the presidents speech tomorrow. I ask, or else what?

Tempe, AZ Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Arther W. Tate, Jr.: "I am not permitting parents to opt out students from viewing the President’s message"

Broward County Superintendent James F. Notter: "providing for a separation from this Address does not align with our practices and responsibility "

I'm quite certain these two cases are not isolated. If you know of more, feel free to leave a link in the comments section.

Something fishy here, I tell ya!

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