Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Insidious Bad Apple Blog Carnival

As many people already know, we have a network of blogs which all link in to the same chat. What follows here is a roundup of what is happening on some of those blogs.

Obama About to Get His Hands Dirty in Crafting Healthcare Plan yidwithlid
Obama’s 1983 Nuclear Freeze Magazine Article littlegreenfootballs2 What a find! In 1983 at the height of renewed tensions between The Soviets and NATO due to Reagan deploying the Pershing Missiles, Barack Hussein Obama wrote a magazine piece. in it he repeated Soviet propaganda and even Compares “American Militarism” to Nazism!
Warmists Advocate Manmade Volcanoes stoptheaclu
When Health Care Becomes The State stoptheaclu
Ramadan in the White House kirls
It's Confirmed: Al Qaeda Is In Russia's North Caucasus Region...Algerian Killed By Russian Security holgerawakens
-11 mackers-world
H1N1 Is Back, and Scarier than Ever Pyro's Place
Obama's War on the CIA sharksshakes
Are You There God? It’s Me Afrocity: Being A Pro-Choice Republican Without Illusions afrocity
Obama Incites Rosh Hashanah riots in Shuls Pond erings
David William Hedrick, silent no more coordillum
Katrina Anna's Clue Tank
Treasonous Bastard! vinnysrants
Yiddish With George and Laura Bush

For the record, while there is a "pro-choice" opinion included, I never will support any abortion for any reason (and yes, I know what I just said). I considered excluding that link and decided against it since, unlike the owner of the blog who bannishes those who express a nonconforming opinion (and says "get your own blog" only to stalk and mock those of us who did just that), we support free speech.

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