Thursday, October 02, 2008

McCain-Palin leads

Nebraska - John McCain leads Barack Obama by 19 points -- 56% to 37%

Kentucky - John McCain leading Barack Obama 52% to 42%.

Tennessee - John McCain holds a19-point lead over Barack Obama in Tennessee,

Texas - McCain ahead 52% to 43%. "The latest numbers mark the fourth straight month the Republican has held a nine-point lead in the Lone Star State. "

Montana - McCain leading by eight, 52% to 44%.

In spite of my obvious preference as to who wins this election, I find the following extremely troubling...
Obama leads 63% to 32% among voters who name the economy as the top voting issue. McCain lead 74% to 24% among those who say that national security is the highest priority. Fifty percent (50%) of voters say the economy is most important while just 19% see national security that way.
So, only 19% of the (polled) population sees national security as more important than the economy?? What is wrong with these people?? Don't they understand that you can have all the prosperity in the world but without security, it is worth precisely nothing! Without security, all that prosperity hangs by a thread!

I'd rather be free and destitute than prosperous and constrained.

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