Saturday, October 04, 2008

Mac the Sheriff and Sarah the Deputy

Out of the West Comes an Alaska Cowgirl

It's Frontier Woman vs. Metrosexual Chic! Hold your breath -- who is going to win this clash of the archetypes? This is not just a matter of style -- Frontier Woman triggers a host of very real American associations -- self-reliance, strong family bonds, courage in the face of danger, moral strength, independent thinking.

On the other side, Metro Chic has its own hold on our Effete Elites. It all comes down to the Western Enlightenment versus Metro Socialism.

Sarah Palin is a mythic figure out of the American imagination. That (is) why she scares the Effetes and Corruptocrats. She's John Wayne and Annie Oakley all rolled into one. Governor Palin is America's Everywoman, who faced and defeated the Corruptocrats in Alaska. Now she is heading up Main Street along with maverick John McCain, the Arizona sheriff, as the comfortable townsfolk are hiding scared under their beds.

And that big cattle baron on the hill? He's sneakily trying to undermine and destroy the Girl Deputy. He controls the newspapers and spreads vicious rumors, just his usual way of doing business. That's the meaning of the Credit "Crisis" and the packed hog sausage Congress just made, supposedly to save us from the Fraud Crisis. We have just seen the cover ripped off an open Washington DC secret --- the blatant ongoing exploitation by Democrats of Freddie and Fannie Home Fraud, which you and I will be paying for, for years to come.

Nothing could better symbolize the clash between our values and theirs. There's Franklin Raines, the 90 million dollar slickster, who told Congress a few years ago that Fannie and Freddie just made free money. Home loans carried no risk! Just open the spigot and it's beer and hog bellies for everybody.

Would you buy a used buggy whip from these guys? From Barack Obama's "home mortgage advisor" Jim Johnson? From Barney Frank's boyfriend at Fannie?

But it's not just the F & F Fraud; it's the phony oil crisis, the global warming hyper-scam, the constant purchase of cheap Leftie votes from the poor, unfortunate and easily suckered, the vicious Eternal Establishment at CIA and Treasury, plus the foreign Rogues Gallery in North Korea, Iran and Russia, and lastly our cowardly "allies" in Europe, all topped off with an endless flow of media lies...

You name it, it all comes down to another mythic metaphor --- the stinking Augean Stables of Washington, DC. In Greek myth it took Hercules to divert a river to wash out the Stables. We could use a few fresh Alaska snowstorms to help out here. The
Potomac River is way too polluted.

But the Corruptocrats can see Mac the Sheriff and Sarah the Deputy walking up Main Street, and they've been taking potshots over and over again. They've been at it for a long time, enough to make old Sheriff Bush nearly helpless after eight years of daily abuse.

Is help finally on the way?

You'll see the bullets flying hot and heavy in the last four weeks before November 4. Get ready to duck and weave, and answer them back if you can get a clear shot.

Vote to Save the West on November 4.

That's "West" as in "Western Civilization."

It's all going to come down to you.

Which side are you on?

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Well, which side are you on? You have a clear choice before you. Marxists and the style of government proven as a failure the world over? Or capitalists with Sarah poised to save the Conservative movement in 4 or 8 years?

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