Sunday, October 05, 2008

Another Obama lie

Naked Emporer News Youtube channel has some amazingly informative videos. Among one I ran across today is actual audio of "Obama arguing against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act (BAIPA) in the Illinois legislature, April 2002."

This video goes on to say...
Jill Stanek was a nurse in Illinois when she discovered babies were being aborted alive and left to die in a soiled utility room.

When a Down’s syndrome baby was aborted alive and left to die, Jill came in and cradled him for 45 minutes until he passed.

Jill’s story helped to inspire the Born Alive Infants Protection Actrr (BAIPA) to insure babies born alive were protected.

In the Illinois State Senate, Barack Obama actively opposed a state version of BAIPA three times. He voted against it.

A federal version of BAIPA which included a neutrality clause in order to protect women’s right to an abortion passed in 2002.

Obama said he voted against BAIPA because the state measure didn’t have the federal language.

Obama’s own committee added the neutrality clause that matched the federal bill. Then he voted against it again.
The video also includes footage from Saddleback where Obama was asked "When does life begin?". His answer, "Answering that question with specificity is, ah, you know, is, ah, above my paygrade."

That is the only honest thing I've ever heard Obama utter. It is above his paygrade. So, why then does he presume to make the decision rather than erring on the side of life?

Watch the other videos at Naked Emporer News too.


Burg said...

I saw that video.. It was positively gut wrenching. It's hard to believe someone could be so cruel.

Kirly said...

A decent God-fearing human being could not be that cruel. I don't know what that man believes, but I can guarantee it's nothing like what I and others Jews and Christians believe.