Saturday, July 05, 2008

So, you think we're immune to car-bombs here in the USofA? Think again!

A car thief found a "bomb-laden van" sitting, apparently abandoned for 5 months, on a Brooklyn street. Also in the van were two silencers, four hollow point bullets (ooooo, that's probably the most scary to the gun grabbers!), and two radio-controlled detonators.

So, do you get that? Car bombs are here. We've just been very, very fortunate so far. I dread the day our furtunes change.

How in the world does an apparently abandoned vehicle sit for 5 months? sheesh, in my neighborhood, if you leave a vehicle for 5 straight days the police will be called. Didn't anyone notice? Weren't the tires flat by now? What is wrong with people???

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