Monday, July 14, 2008

Ken Ham, of Answsers in Genesis was at CCV

Ken Ham of Answers In Genesis visited my church earlier this month. It was awesome! They did 6 different programs. And all of them are linked up and available for your viewing pleasure at the website for Christs Church of the Valley.

I'll post an update to include a bit of a synopsis as time allows.

Time is not going to allow me to post much in the next few days and/or weeks. Tons to do before the operation on Friday. But, visit Answers in Genesis or listen to the messages at CCV.


Anonymous said...

Kirly said...

thx for the news anonymous!

muman613 said...

Hey Kirly,

Its muman! Your blog looks great...

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Anonymous said...

Hi kirly nice site.

Ornery Elephant said...


Best wishes for the operation and recovery - my thoughts, my prayers will be with you. Just one word of advice...don't eat the green jello in the hospital!

: )


Kirly said...

hello muman! hello avid!

ornery elephant - thank you. i'm planning on a quick recovery. if i don't get that, think of all the sleeping i'll get to do! :-)

i would never, EVER eat green jello! no way! red and pink only. wait, if it were kiwi flavored, then i might. lol