Monday, July 21, 2008

Kirls Whirls

A new addition to my teensy little blog here. It's called Kirls Whirls. It's in the links over on the right (below my profile). Right click Kirls Whirls, open in a new window, enter a username I'd recognize, enter. Chat away. Enjoy.

PS. It's FREE parachat!

PPS. I'm healing up ok. Very sleepy, very tired. but getting there!


ornery elephant said...


I was in Kirls Whirls and it was cool ! Easy to get into, nice furnishings : )

Does it really cost an arm and a leg to run a parachat like that? mwahahahahahahaha


Kirly said...

OE - heck no! it's FREE! and, even the more expensive version is only $9.95/month!