Monday, January 18, 2010

McCain: Least acceptable candidate for US Senate

John McCain is running 3 campaign ads per hour every hour on local radio stations in spite of the fact that no the only candidates who have announced are not widely known nor popular. And now I know why (PDF). In a straw poll of Maricopa County (where Phoenix, Arizona is located and where the majority of the population of Arizona live) Republican Party Precinct Committemen, gives us these beautiful results:

Your First Choice for US Senate:
Jim Deakin (mostly unknown) 15,4%
JD Hayworth (has not announced) 68.7%
John McCain 10.6%
Chris Simcox (of minutemen fame) 5.3%

Least acceptable candidate for US Senate:
Jim Deakin (mostly unknown) 3.2%
JD Hayworth (has not announced) 5.9%
John McCain 82.4%
Chris Simcox (of minutemen fame) 8.6%

So, McCain is running scared of JD Hayworth who hasn't even announced that he's running. That's pathetic.

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