Friday, January 15, 2010

Danny Glover proves he's a moron

What a moron. How do you go from being a normal human being (assuming he was at some point in time - like the first 5 seconds after he was born) to a complete dumbass?? Didn't Glover get the memo? Global Warming is a hoax! A lie! Based on fraudulent data!

Pat Robertson's comments were equally moronic. Even if some group of Haitians had sold their soul to the devil at some point in the past, that small group does not have the power to sell the souls of an entire population for all eternity. Christians know this. What the hell is Robertson? Another dumbass moron. Of course, if Robertson had just couched his idiocy in terms of Mother Nature's fury rather than God's fury, he might have gotten a pass from the leftist commies. Or not since he's Christian.

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