Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The horror of Christmas in the Obama White House

Last year I posted about the White House Christmas and I said "I dread the thought of what Christmas will look like for the next four years. Oh, wait, the PEBO (President Elect BO) and his family don't celebrate Christmas. Good, maybe I'll be spared the horror." But, none of us were spared the horror. Look at the horrid ornaments they have desecrated the gorgeous Christmas Tree from Arizonas White Mountains with: Transvestites, Mao, and Zeros head on Mount Rushmore.

Now, what would you rather have in the White House on Christmas? That crap or this:


Rose said...

It really is amazing.

Nice Deb has a couple of additional ornaments to

Holger Awakens said...

Lemme get this right...the President who had ornaments of the states and Old Glory and the Statue of Liberty is the worse President ever and the one that has ornaments of sexual perverts and Communist dicatators is the "Hope"?

SkepticalOne said...

The tacky 0bama family has many perverts, communists, and crooks that are their intimate friends. So I guess the ornaments on the Festivus Tree kind of fit in with their style.

Kirly said...

Holger, no, that's the "change".