Sunday, December 06, 2009


The best article yet on Climate-Gate explaining the fraud those socalled scientists have committed.

The American Thinker
Understanding Climategate's Hidden Decline
By Marc Sheppard

First and foremost -- contrary to what you’ve likely read elsewhere in the logosphere or heard from the few policymakers and pundits actually addressing the issue, it was not the temperature decline the planet has been experiencing since 1998 that Jones and friends conspired to hide. Certainly, the simple fact that the email was sent in November of 1999 should have allayed any such confusion.

In fact, the decline Jones so urgently sought to hide was not one of measured temperatures at all, but rather figures infinitely more important to climate alarmists – those determined by proxy reconstructions. As this scandal has attracted new readers to the subject, I ask climate savvy readers to indulge me while I briefly explain climate proxies, as they are an essential ingredient of this contemptible conspiracy.


wolfie said...

An excellent article! I hope it gets a lot of circulation. (You're doing your part!)

Anonymous said...

They're not listening in Copenhagen.
The plan is to go ahead with the treaty, as well as cap and trade.