Friday, November 21, 2008

Illegal snooping in Ohio will get you one month unpaid vacation

Joe the Plumber snoop gets a month’s suspension (link includes video of Joe's reaction)

Helen Jones-Kelley will get a month off without pay for her unauthorized snooping into the records of Joe Wurzelbacher after the states’ Inspector General called her probe “without any legitimate business purpose”. Criminal investigations will continue...

More fascism. This is what we can expect during the age of the giant zero. Democrats / liberals / marxists / socialists have one law; Republicans / Conservatives will be subjected to another.

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Anonymous said...

Remember, Unpaid Vacation doesn't mean that you don't get any pay. It just means that you get a month off and you can use your vacation. Government employees at that level tend to have good bennies too......

WHen conservative folks illegally spy on them, admitted and unapologetic terrorists like William Ayers go free. When liberals do it, they go on vacation.