Saturday, August 25, 2007

Great "at-home" vacation with more relatives!

Well, I just had a great stay-at-home vacation with my sister! She drove all the way from Northern California with her 6-year-old grandson (who she and her husband are raising) and her 16-year-old daughter. It took them 17 hours to get here. Yikes!

We spent a great deal of time in the pool. That first day they were here I think we were in the pool for about 10 hours getting out only for meals and biological imperatives! Fortunately, it's a salt water pool so you don't get as pruney as you would otherwise.

My nephew went from being afraid to get off the 18" big shelf step, to cannon-balling, diving, and swimming halfway to the deep end in about 2 days!

It was fun!

In other news, I have bone spurs in my right shoulder! I've had the cortisone shots and there's nothing left for it but the surgery. And, don't let anyone fool you, that's arthritis! People just like to call it bone spurs because it doesn't sound so middle-aged! LOL

And, let's not forget 6 weeks of physical therapy for my recently broken right leg.

And, the other medical conditions. Sheesh! I'm falling apart!

Oh well, let the remodeling begin. Why not? It worked wonders on my feet! LOL

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