Sunday, April 11, 2010

An American Hero

Kwame James. Hero. And now, American Citizen. Welcome Kwame James! It's a pleasure to share the title "American Citizen" with a selfless hero such as you. I'm just sorry it took so long.

Hero who helped subdue shoe bomber becomes citizen

The 6-foot-8 basketball player was napping when a flight attendant roused him. Ten rows back, Reid was scuffling with passengers and the crew after he tried to ignite explosives hidden in his shoes. James helped tie up Reid with belts and headset wires, and took turns holding Reid by his ponytail with another passenger until the plane could land in Boston.
Nearly 10 years later, James would rather talk about how happy he is to be a new citizen and his passion for music.
"I became a citizen of one of the best countries in the world and I am very happy," he said Friday, a day after he was sworn in as a citizen in Atlanta. "All the things that people come here for, that's what I'm here for, the opportunity. You can come from nothing and become something here, just through hard work."
James, who was born in Canada and raised in Trinidad, played professional basketball in France. He had been traveling to the U.S. to meet his then-girlfriend and take her to his family's home in Trinidad for the holidays. He returned to France after the trip but asked his basketball coach for some time off when the reality of the flight's close call set in.
"I didn't understand the magnitude of what happened at first," he said.

Lord, please don't let him be another leftwing fool

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Anonymous said...

Love that he used the jihadi's own ponytail to restrain