Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hayworth for Senate

Finally!! Senator McCain got his progressive Republican buddy former AZ Attorney General Grant Woods to file a complaint with the FEC alleging that JD Hayworth was using his radio program to promote a potential primary race against Sen. John McCain so Hayworth was basically forced to quit or else the radio station would have to provide equal time to the old fart mccain and his "like" idiot daughter.

That's right! If you want to THINK about running for office, you better quit whatever job you currently have or some hasbeen hack like Grant Woods will go whinging to the government about it.

Typical Progressive behaviour. Use the government rules and regulations to silence your opposition.

These people disgust me. They fight harder and dirtier and are more outspoken against a Conservative primary challenger than they fought against the leftist commie Obama in the 2008 Presidential Election. And never, ever forget that it was McCain who told us we have nothing to fear from a President Obama. I swear I don't believe he ever meant to try to win in '08. And I bet he never, ever says that we have nothing to fear from a Senator Hayworth.

JD Hayworth sets February 15th for official campaign kickoff

Sheriff Joe endorses JD Hayworth

JD Hayworth for Senate
JD Hayworth on Facebook
JD Hayworth on Twitter


Holger Awakens said...

To this day, John McCain doesn't think McCain-Feingold was wrong.

Kirly said...

fortunately, now that we aren't forced to vote for mccain as a way of voting against obama, i will never have to vote for him again.