Friday, June 19, 2009

The Bootage continues

Lest you think I've lost interest in The Banned-a-monium, think again!

We have quietly continued to welcome the 832 (and counting) who have been banned. And I will continue to do so. There is a perma-link in the right side bar to the Book of the Banned.

Keep those nics coming! We're closing in on nearly 1000.

To all those who have been summarily booted, welcome! Join us in chat too. It's a real chat room, not that socalled private thread nonsense. Which, as we've seen, isn't very private at all! LOL


Anonymous said...

Hey Kirls,
"Colonel Panik" here. Not only has Chuckles banned me, he's now deleted my sock, and blocked my IP address. I think he did that as I was logged in with my sock when I followed the link from 2.0 to the "sekrit" thread and did some searches to find the section where some lizards were echoing Obama in calling the muslim call to prayer a beautiful sound. He's probably paranoid enough to think I was the one from 2.0 who hacked the "sekrit" thread. LOL.
Hey Chuck, ever hear of a proxy server?

Anonymous said...

loppyd was "silently banned" last week.