Monday, April 20, 2009

Charles Johnson (of littlegreenfootballs) lies...

and has become a complete leftist so I guess that was a little redundant.

He said that I "snuck back in". Lie.

He said that people were trashing him in his "lounge". Lie. Speaking only for myself, I trashed him elsewhere after he denigrated belief in God. And, for the record, we abandoned his now-defunct lounge for our own chat. You can get to it by clicking on the small photo of the haboob at the top right of this blog. Enjoy.

He alters comments to make you look bad. This has happened to at least three others that I know of. I saw the original and then i later saw the updated.

He alters his own comments to make himself look better. I saw the original post where he said that Bible believing Chrsitians were little better than the Taliban. He changed it without note.

Good riddance you leftwing idiot!

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