Wednesday, December 31, 2008

hamas whines; Israel PM says "TOUGH!"

Israeli Cabinet rejects French proposal for 48 hour cease fire.

Which is, of course, the right decision. Why stop when you're winning? Hamas has been hit hard and the pounding should continue. Seriously, while the real world consequences are far more significant, this is exactly what you learn to do with a bully by the time you're 5 years old - hit, hit hard, and keep hitting until the bully recognizes that you are not a cowering victim!

And look at this statement from one of the remaining sernior hamas officials...

"The moment that we receive the proposal, we'll look at it," said senior Hamas official Ayman Taha. "We will support a proposal that will bring about a full cessation of attacks, and a full lifting of the siege."

No dumbass! That's what the Israeli's are saying to YOU and your rocket attacks. When the rocket attacks stop, Israel will stop. It really is that simple.

I say,

"Israel! Godspeed to victory!"

And please make it a full victory. I know that others will probably pop up to take the place of hamas, but this course of action shows them what will happen to them and may serve as a deterrent.

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