Sunday, April 08, 2007

Finally! No hard cast!

I finally got rid of that awful hard fiberglass cast! I still can't walk though - no weight on my right leg for at least another 2 weeks.

At least I can use the shower again instead of trying to bathe and wash my hair in the bathtub. I nearly drown myself every time I try that! I try to rinse out my hair by leaning back and whoosh! my butt slides out from underneath me, I end up underwater, with my legs sticking straight up! argh!

The shower would be great except the shower stool which was left over from the years of foot surgery, is broken! So, I had the bright idea of just sitting in the bottom of the shower and using the handheld showerhead. Sounds great, right? HA! You get stuck in there! No handholds! You can't get out! argh again!

The pool is nearly done though. I'm sure there will be water in it by the end of April.

Speaking of April, I haven't done my taxes yet! Stupid broken bones!


Anonymous said...

Doctor Discovers the 'Orgasmatron'

Physician Working with Pain Relief Device Stumbles Upon Delightful Side Effect

//do not try this at home!

Anonymous said...

The things modern science can invent these days!