Friday, March 16, 2007

Still Broken - but now i have Xrays to show!

Visited the doctor yesterday. They took xrays. The doctor described the mess he found inside as "a disaster". He had estimated that the entire operation would take about 90 minutes. Three hours later, he was done. There was one piece of bone that was sheared off at a very oblique angle which was difficult to reattach.

I also heard the story from their perspective. You see, while someone else called 911, I called the doctor's office. I said, "Hi, my name is Kirly and I'm a patient of Dr. B. I just broke my ankle. Please give me some advice." Yep, just as calm and cool as that. Of course, they all know me and so couldn't believe it was me and asked me who I was again! You can tell that I have great confidence in this doctor if I called him before I called anyone else. In fact, I wanted the paramedics to just put me in my car and I would drive over to the doctor's office. The break was so unstable the handsome men of the Phoenix Fire Department would hear none of that!

I also got the bad news that this break was so bad that I will be in this cast for a while. Next Thursday, 2 weeks after the breakage, they will remove the cast but only to see how the wound is healing and then right back into another fiberglass cast for another 2 weeks after which we repeat the process. Eventually, I'll get one of the softer, removeable boot casts but that will not be in the next three weeks at least.

So, of course, the pool will be done before I'm healed.


questhe said...

The pool will be done so that you can rehab in the pool! (Matrix mode) What will really fry your noodle is asking yourself if you would have broken your leg if you didn't build the pool to rehab it in (/Matrix mode)

Kirly said...

Not fryiing my noodle! It's all part of God's grand plan. :-)